What is Our Story? 

“Smart Neta” is the brain child of the very successful serial entrepreneur couple Raghu Raj and Shilpa Pawar.

Raghu Raj comes from a family of scientists and tinkerers and has always been fascinated with technology. After the couple’s return to India from Australia they wanted to bring in technology, which would help organize and digitize the social system in India. Raghu Raj closely observed the chaos that went on in political campaigns when he volunteered for a candidate and that’s when the idea of “Smart Neta” was conceived.

Seven years were spent thereafter in studying and understanding the demography, the issues, the maps, the functioning of a political campaign and thus, a IOT & GIS enabled solution that would help organize political campaigns and help candidates make informed decisions was developed by the couple and their very passionate team.

The ever-enterprising Shilpa was offered a ticket from Loksatta Party contesting for elections in the year 2015 and this is when the couple wanted to test the product. As expected, the product helped ease many of the glitches and provided them with reliable information basis which Shilpa’s campaigning was very scientific and was based on addressing concrete and relevant issues, it made communication in her team an easier task the organization provided by Smart Neta also helped great deal in saving paper that otherwise gets wasted in campaigns. It helped reaching out to the constituencies effective, they were able to communicate with the different classes of the region and understand their issues and grievances better and as a result the voters saw a promising candidate in Shilpa, she stood out among other candidates and was noticed by the media more than any other candidate in her constituency. Shilpa stood in the third position in the elections, in spite of it being her first time in politics with her non-political background, she successfully defeated Karnataka’s most popular party candidate and was offered a position with India’s leading National party.

With this, the “Smart Neta” team understood the scientific and data driven approch better and realized where it needed improvisation and it was only in 2017 that the team was fully sure of it and launched it successfully in India.

Quotes: “One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”- Paulo ceolho

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