More than ever, we are expected to accomplish more with fewer resources, but why would you when you can persuade inactive supporters to become active ones? We only need to beg for greater involvement from our fans. Surprisingly, many companies continue to fall short in this area. We can increase the number of active supporters from 10 to 100 with the use of technology. Follow the instructions below to increase your supporter count with Canvassing App.

Success strategies:

  • Use technology to conduct research to identify possible backers. You can accomplish this by going door to door and conducting surveys. Making the case for volunteers is similar to making the case for votes. Target new voters from your voter file as well as former voters from prior elections.
  • You’ll be able to recognise your primary supporters once they start interacting with you at the entrance. Find out how supportive they are of you by asking them. You may create a Custom Field that is as easy to use as the one below by only asking the user if they are a supporter. Segmenting the level of support is another option to make it more complex. For instance, if someone is a Stage 1 supporter, they might recommend you to their friends and relatives. A Stage 2 supporter might participate actively in your election campaign by dropping off flyers, for example. Supporters of stage 3 might promote you on social media.
  • Now form an outreach group from these supporters. Put “Active Supporters” in this area for the division name. Everyone in this group, which is situated next to your voter groups, has the option of joining your team.
  • By sending out emails on a regular basis and encouraging numerous in-person events, you can make sure that outreach is continuous and encourage others to get part.
  • By providing a gift certificate, you can encourage these folks to consider or recommend further supporters. Also, make it clear how adding more members to the team will benefit the “cause” as a whole.
  • Improve public awareness by working with current supporters, which will result in exponential development. Asking new questions often is the key to ensuring sustainable growth within your volunteer base.

Volunteers in Election Campaign

Our current users have shown us that leading a team effectively. It can be challenging when quick organisation is needed. The back and forth over WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook and Telegram can go on forever to persuade them to come out to the door. With Canvassing App, we hope to make this procedure simpler for you. In order to ensure that they don’t forget, organisers can now commit using the Walk app (their canvassing app!). Its inclusion into the door-knocking process has greatly simplified things for campaign managers.




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