We define how modern Politicians can save cost and increase efficiency with the use of Data Analytics Science and Technology for Elections.

Politics, in today’s day and age, is much more than candidates running campaigns and rallies and asking for votes. Elections have become more of a brain-game, where every voter’s thinking pattern is influenced and taken advantage of, in order to help a political party win votes. Modern politicians or young politicians are heavily relying on technology and data in order to rally voters along a single perspective or dimension.

Technology has given candidates in an election, the option to diversify their approach, potentially target those groups which are likely to vote for another party and help win popular support by portraying messages and information to the voters that is most appealing and beneficial to the voter as well as the candidate.

India has a population of 1.3 billion people and the youth of the country form an

exceptional proportion of that population. India is the youngest country in the world, with approximately 360 million people below the age of 30. These statistics suggest that the youth in the country have an integral role to play in a country’s growth and development, which is inevitably linked to politics as well. The participation of youth in politics has also drastically increased and they are actively employ the use of technology in order to expand their voter base. They bring in a fresh approach to elections, replacing a narrow system of only relying on campaigns and tours and meeting the citizens.

Technology and the extensive presence of political parties and their chosen candidates on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, has revolutionized the way individuals in a society would view elections. The advent of modern technology and continuous upgrades in the tech market is giving both the voters and politicians an opportunity to expand their way of functioning.

How Are Political Parties Taking Advantage of Data Analytics & Technology?

Determining the factors including demographic condition, first-time voters, floating voters, caste and social and economic sectors, political parties are employing huge datasets to understand the household and booth level profile of a constituency.

Using technology ensures that the message of the political party is clearly communicated to its target audience, in a way that is feasible and reliable. These methods help administer the beginning of a new mode of thinking, which is not limited in its approach, but has objectives that are broad in its approach. This not only helps the political parties foster its ideologies to the general public in a more graphic and dramatized way, but also influences voting behavior of the

citizens. The rise of digital platforms, especially social media, has given private citizens the tools to affect political change on a level like never before. Politicians Data Science Technology is another scope to consider by IT Team.

These changes in technology, especially the heightened use of social media, has changed the direction or the progress made by a party with respect to its support among the masses. Politics is a profession that is characterized by major retaliation among opposing political parties, and this is also present by the use of social media platforms, which prove to be effective suppliers of political support or protests. Political parties, therefore, use these tech based platforms- including media channels, for gaining political leverage over their competitors and capitalizing on the needs of the public.

How are Voter Being Influenced by Technology?

Voters are the main crux of any election. The fate of a political party and the country ultimately relies on the votes that are cast by the citizens and general public. Technology, to a major extent, bridges the gap between the candidate of a political party and the voters.

Technology enables the use of graphic designing, posters, videos, and social media posts that indirectly communicate the capabilities of the candidates to the voters, which indirectly influence the voter’s choice in an election. In fact, the most obvious way that technology impacts politics is as a tool for political actors such as Politicians, Governments and other Civil society organizations to better identify, engage with and rally members of the public to their cause, as well as broadcast political messaging. This is seen in action every time a campaign commercial comes up on TV, or a political ad on Facebook.

The way a policy or law is made, or the way in which an elected official is accountable to the public, depends heavily on technology in today’s day. The way a voter perceives a policy or law, is dependent on how it is portrayed in the media channels and social media platforms. A strong social media presence and use of technological mechanisms, like advertisements on Television, are known to effect the thinking and voting patterns of most individuals in society.


Voting behaviors of people, the strategies devised by the political parties to win political dividend and the way in which things are planned by the Election Commission, proves the technology has changed the way elections are conducted in India. Many new developments and changes have taken place, innumerable ways of reaching out to the public have been devised and more emphasis is given to the way information is distributed and perceived, simply through the increasing reliance on technology.

Modern politicians and voters are using this tool to yield beneficial results for the parties they represent and ultimately showcasing, that politics and technology is an inseparable aspect of Indian politics in today’s day and age. Politicians Data Science Technology is a must to save cost, time and increase voter turnout.

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