How to find Best Election Booth Management Software In India

In 2014 and 2019 general elections, we saw how the BJP deployed digital channels to entice the electorate and gained a sweeping mandate. The party invested a lot of money and manpower in data-driven technologies and election management software during both the 2014 and 2019 elections.

But what is Election Booth Management Software System or EMS? Election Management System (EMS) is an app that is used to automatically generate all the tools necessary to understand and create a strategy for the election. Election Management software provides political consultation and services for political parties such as political surveys, opinion polls, exit polling, constituency profiling, election management, and political campaigns. 

Before the onset of election booth management technology in India, all the political parties had one slogan or one message to be targeted to the entire voter base, irrespective of their demography, geographic location, religious leanings or political affiliation.

But now with the advent, big data solutions and sophisticated election analytical tools have empowered the political parties to target every voter at grass root’s level.

Today all the major political parties in India have a dedicated analytics department with a well-equipped election management system. There are multiple digital media to capture all the relevant details about any potential voter such as their age, caste, religion, location, education, professional background, past political affiliations, political and religious views.

Particularly social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc… provide access to posts, tweets, likes, shares, comments belonging to any individual account. Political parties have an election management team that scrutinizes the data of millions of social accounts to predict the mood of voters, which will let them tailor their political message precisely. 


Key influencing mediums such as Social media and WhatsApp have emerged and political parties are making good use of these tools to reach out to the voters. Online conversations between users on these platforms are enabling parties to track positive narratives and convert them into trending stories to gain mileage. The election management team, also keep an eye out for negative narratives and counter those stories with positive stories in a bid to minimize the harm these negative sentiments can create. Online browsing patterns of users are keenly observed to pitch relevant political messages that are further tailored according to the user engagement with these pitches. Depending on the consumption of the messages at immediate surrounding location, political parties are also weaving narratives for location-specific rallies and the key messages they need to give more importance on.


 Most Indian political parties have big groups of volunteers on ground during elections doing multiple things like door to door campaigning, rallies at various location. To collate information on all these volunteers’ activities and to monitor them is a mammoth task.  But with Election Management Software, this could be solved easily,

Other services that could be included under election booth management software are team co-ordination, event management, campaign analysis, expense management and date-to-date report, bulk SMS for voters and volunteers.

Analysis of huge data with help of election management software and technology gives you the opportunity to get an accurate picture and on ground realties.  Data analytics helps the party learn about demographics, and also helps to manifest all those information and data and chalk out an action plan for campaigning which is tailor made for the candidate

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