When strong women come together, success begins to unfold!

Over the past few years, India has record growth in women entrepreneurship and more women are pursuing their career in this direction. It’s definitely the start of a new revolution where women are breaking barriers and proving myths wrong by marching towards entrepreneurship and achieving success like never before. There is no field which can keep women away with incapability or incapacity as reasons and it is now being proven time and again.

Apoorva Urs, Corporate Lawyer & Founder of Satva Lifestyle and Mrs. Shilpa Pawar, Co-founder of Smart Neta come together to showcase how Fashion meets Technology by unveiling their CALENDAR 2018.

Mrs. Apoorva Urs, a lawyer by profession, an entrepreneur by passion. Coming from a family of academicians, she too focused on academics and her interest in law motivated her to study Law and later went on to pursue her Masters in England. On returning, she worked with an International Law Firm is currently heading a Legal Consulting Firm of her own. She then chose to take her passion for art, culture and design to the next level. Also, being a travel enthusiast, she loves to travel and carry with her not memories but art and designs from all over. This exposure to art and travel for long has triggered her love for Handicrafts. And, Indian weaves is what she is absolutely in love with. “Satva Lifestyle” is an idea that was conceptualized by her to bring together Indian Weaves, artisans and ‘her’ designs with a contemporary approach. Her dream to work with artisans and mostly women has materialized with this dream project – Satva Lifestyle. She now has ‘Satva Lifestyle Studio’, a studio where she designs and showcases her exclusive range of products.

Mrs. Shilpa Pawar is the Co-founder at Eco Research Technologies and Ex-General Manager at Sunsoft Technologies India & Australia. On returning from Australia in the year 2008, Shilpa, with the drive in her to serve the community actively indulged in various service activities relating to the environment and meanwhile realized that she had all that a leader needed to make the society a better place. And, what other than Politics could be a better platform to showcase her capabilities and contribute at large to the society. With great conviction, she took the plunge by stepping into the political world as she contested in the elections 2015 and for a first timer; her place in the 3rd position was commendable. During her political journey of Elections, she put together yet another ‘one of its kind’ concept and that’s none other than “SMART NETA”- A smart technology for Elections. As it’s an established fact that running a political campaign is one of the most challenging and exhausting activities possible and a typical campaign would literally mean a lot of time, effort and money. And, while nothing can eliminate the stress of the entire process of Elections such as nominations, campaigning, tracking results etc a proper organisation of a political campaign can most definitely avoid some unnecessary challenges and Smart Neta is one such Organisation.

The two strong women from different walks of life came together with one thing in common and that’s endless passion for Entrepreneurship and insatiable desire to encourage Women Empowerment. Now, both Apoorva and Shilpa through their respective Entrepreneurial Organisations truly focus on the empowerment of women. Apoorva has always made sure to employ rural women and offer them an alternate lifestyle by engaging them in Indian Handicrafts. Likewise, Shilpa has ensured that her team at Smart Neta comprises of women and is also extending immense support to women who have the potential and interest in politics to contest for elections. In fact, Apoorva has been given an opportunity to be a part (Legal Expert) of Smart Neta.

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